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Living Ideals For Eternity

LEM is Lighten the Earth Ministry. LEM was inspired by Revelation 18:1, the message of the fourth angel that is said to lighten the Earth with the glory as it calls God’s people to separate from a corrupt world. LEM is a teaching ministry that focuses on increasing awareness of end time events fulfilling all around us.

At the same time, LEM also seeks to help people live effective, powerful lives through practicing sound principles of common sense and moderation, with a dose of good humor. Though the message of end time events may seem a little scary, the truth is that being able to make sense of what’s happening in our world, along with knowing that after problems climax things are going to get so much better, can fill you with peace and joy like nothing else can. is a part of Lighten the Earth Ministry which focuses on more practical aspects of living during potentially difficult times. The message of is about internalizing Christian principles and making them a real part of our daily lives as we prepare for Christ’s soon return… Living Ideals For Eternity (LIFE).

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LEM Ideals

Christian ideals are the bedrock principles of character and purpose.  Understanding and embracing them can transform your life.  In this section we introduce LEM values, ideals and teachings based on scripture.

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LIFE Journey

The Christian life is the path of faith that leads toward Heaven. We walk on this path with our loved ones, friends and faith community. In this section LEM will share principles that can help you along the journey of faith development, and provide resources about home and family.

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End Times Prep

Part of living in the awareness that significant events are happening all around us involves preparing to face difficult times.  This involves strengthening our spiritual as well as physical health, and also learning a few things about how to live with limited resources in case supply chains get cut off.  In this section there will be resources about healthful living, homesteading and survival skills.

Join us for the adventure of a LIFEtime.